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5 Tips on Planning Your Wedding During COVID-19

Lots of couples were planning their wedding when the coronavirus pandemic struck. Of all the wedding crashers we’ve ever seen in the wedding industry, COVID-19 proved to be the ultimate. Couples either had to postpone or cancel. One minute we had wedding bells ringing, and in the next, we had absolute silence brought about by the lockdown and the self-isolation rule. But we believe that we will get through this. If you’ve been affected by it, you are not alone. We are here for you. Try not to give up hope. Most of all, don’t stop planning your wedding.

You see, the moment this is over, there’s going to be a rush. It’ll come from the backlog of weddings that had either been canceled or postponed earlier. You can avoid being caught up in that if you keep taking calculated and deliberate measures towards your wedding planning now. As you stay inside and practice self-isolation as has been recommended, here are ways that you can keep planning your wedding from the comfort of your home.

· Build Your Wedding Website

Most activities and interactions have gone online now. So can your wedding communication. The best way? Build a website for your wedding. It’ll be like a central hub for all information where your wedding is concerned. With it, you’ll also be able to keep in touch with your family and guests and answer all their questions where your wedding is concerned. Make sure that your website contains your registry or links to it, your online rsvp, your pictures, your story, and FAQs.

· Talk to Your Vendors and Planner Online

A wedding planner can help you navigate the intricacies of your wedding planning in this period. So, get one and keep in touch with them online. You can also talk to your vendors and all the other services you’ll need for your wedding online. Have strategy meetings on apps like Facetime, Messenger, Skype, Zoom, and additional video call enabled platforms. Through these meetings, you can ask for updates and make critical decisions where your wedding is concerned.

· Shop Your Favors and Other Gifts Online

One problem couples often have when planning their wedding is time. It’s hard to find time to get and package meaningful gifts for family and friends. It can also be challenging to find time to even search for and find the gifts in the first place. Well, guess what? You have all that time now! So, set aside an hour or more to go through online stores like ours and get all those meaningful gifts that you’ll need for your wedding and have them ready in advance.

· Delegate Responsibilities

Remember that time you asked, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” and your friend said yes? Well, it will come to play now when you need help. You see, unlike the proposal you made to your little flower girl, being a bridesmaid is a big responsibility. So, please don’t be shy to call on them to help now. They can handle some of the tasks you need to undertake in this period, and they’ll be glad to help.

· Take Care of Yourself

After all is said and done, the truth is that we can’t have your wedding without you. So please take care of yourself. Your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing are quite crucial in these times too. Please pay attention to and take good care of them. Workout regularly, eat meals that are healthy, work on boosting your immune system, and meditate. Most of all, stay safe. Best of luck!!!

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